Reviewing 2016


I think we can all agree that 2016 has been a trying and rough year for many, many people. For me, it’s been a roller coaster of good and bad. Mostly good, until the last few weeks. I know in the coming year, I want to write more–both in a creative way and blogging. Also, I want to revive my creative side with more and new projects. I have a few projects going on now and will share shortly. I believe the best way for me to get back into blogging is setting aside time to write. In the coming weeks that might be a challenge or it might be an outlet, I’m not sure yet.

Some of the highlights for this year include both work and pleasure. The best in the work related area: getting my awesome and fantastic librarian position at the West Virginia Library Commission. A close second was attending the IFLA World Congress in Columbus.

Some fun things outside of my job included attending a book talk by Stephen King here in Charleston, traveling to Washington DC for a book signing by Alton Brown, dying my hair purple because I had always wanted to be a punk rocker, and doing a Paint Your Pet class.


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