Writing and stuff…

large_Memes_from_Writers_Write4A few weeks ago I found out about a local writing group starting. It’s exciting to find others with the same passion and interests, so of course, I wanted to drop in and see what’s going on. Right now it’s just getting under way and I don’t have much to contribute for the critiques.

It has, however, sparked my need and desire to write on a regular basis. My hope is this will spill into blogging on this site and my other sites as well. My problem is not having much time to devote to activities. However, I will force myself to sit down this weekend and create an outline, timeline, or whatever to get back to regular story writing and blogging.

Even if I don’t contribute at first, I know this group’s bi-monthly meetings will help with kicking off some of the dust on those story ideas and partially written things.

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