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It has been awhile since I blogged, I keep planning on writing more but things just get in the way! Right now, thanks to my super creative friend, I have learned of a software program called Scupltris. It is a virtual clay environment where you can sculpt and build any sort of creation in your mind. Talk about awesome! My friend knew I’d love it, and he was so right. I’ve been hooked on it since he told me about it.

The even better news, is the university where I work has access to courses on the program in I can learn even more about it from experts. But I have to say the program is fairly easy to understand once you’ve played around for a bit. If you know anything about clay sculpting or drawing it is also intuitive. The only thing that I am missing is a Wacom pad. Since I have been doing much more digital drawing, I think it is time to invest in one.

Here are some of my early Sculptris creations.

Oh, and if you want is for yourself, get at:





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